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Want to buy a child orthosis / bandage?

Below you will find a selection of children's otheses and bandages. ProBrace has contact with various suppliers at home and abroad. From a wide range of children's orthotics and bandages, ProBrace has selected the best products for you.

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Want to buy a child orthosis / bandage?



Orliman Posture keeper and collarbone bandage

Posture keeper and collarbone bandage

The Orliman Children's collarbone bandage is a comfortable brace and posture corrector with supports specially developed for children up to 12 years old. Thanks to this shoulder bandage, your child will suffer less from a broken collarbone!

€62,95 €59,95

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Thuasne Clavicle Brace for Children

Clavicle Brace for Children

This Ligaflex Clavicula Junior clavicle bandage is a posture corrector, shoulder brace and clavicle brace in one. Has your child broken his or her collarbone? This clavicle brace immobilizes the clavicle for quick recovery.

€52,95 €59,95

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Orliman Children's Ankle Brace

Children's Ankle Brace

The Orliman Children's Ankle Brace provides support, stability and protection without being a hindrance. The brace has proven successful in treating mild ankle injuries in children!


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Push Ortho Aequi Junior - Children's Ankle Brace

Ortho Aequi Junior - Children's Ankle Brace

Are you looking for an ankle brace for your child? The Ortho Aequi ankle brace from Push is the ankle brace for children with ankle complaints.

€92,95 €69,95

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Orliman Mitella for Children

Mitella for Children

Buying a sling for your child? The Orliman children's brace line has been specially developed for children with injuries around the elbow, shoulder or collarbone.


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Orliman Armsling for Children

Armsling for Children

Buying an arm sling for your child? The Orliman children's line with various children's braces & children's bandages have been specially developed for the kids!


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Orliman Children's elbow bandage

Children's elbow bandage

The Orliman elbow brace for children is an elbow bandage specially designed for children with an elbow injury!


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Orliman Children's Neck Collar

Children's Neck Collar

The Orliman collar is a comfortable soft collar to use for children between 6 and 12 years old!

€47,99 €49,95

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Orliman Children's Knee Brace with Stiffeners

Children's Knee Brace with Stiffeners

The Orliman Children's Knee Brace with stays is a comfortable knee brace with supports specially developed for children. Thanks to this knee brace, your child can enjoy playing and sports again without pain!


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Orliman Children Wrist Support Wrist Brace

Children Wrist Support Wrist Brace

Does your child have a bruised or painful wrist? The Orliman Wrist Support wrist brace for children provides pain relief!

€47,99 €39,95

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Orliman Children's Wrist Brace

Children's Wrist Brace

If your child has a bruised or painful wrist, the Orliman Children's Wrist Brace can easily provide pain relief. The brace is comfortable to wear and easy to wash.


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Teyder Teyder Children's Knee Bandage

Teyder Children's Knee Bandage

The Teyder Children's Knee Support provides support and compression for common knee injuries and supports functional recovery. The knee support offers protection during a workout.


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Teyder Teyder Children's Wrist Bandage

Teyder Children's Wrist Bandage

The Teyder Children's Wrist Bandage provides support and compression for common wrist traumas and contributes to functional recovery. The Teyder wrist bandage provides protection during training or playing.


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Teyder Teyder Children's Ankle Bandage

Teyder Children's Ankle Bandage

The Teyder Children's Ankle Bandage offers support and compression for common ankle injuries. We also recommend this ankle bandage to prevent ankle complaints, especially when there is (slight) hypermobility.


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Teyder Teyder Children's Elbow Bandage

Teyder Children's Elbow Bandage

The Teyder Children's Elbow Bandage is a universal compression bandage for the elbow. The compression provides less pain, more stability and a certain feeling for the movement of the elbow. Nowhere cheaper!


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Buying a children's orthosis ( ankle , wrist and knee ) online?

Children are always fanatical and playing outside. They have little fear and can therefore regularly get injured. An orthosis or bandage must also be possible for children to wear, so a special children's line has been developed in the field of child orthosis / bandage. This is especially for children from 2 years old. Below is our range, from children's ankle bandage to the children's neck collar . Orthotics and bandages for children, for all categories.


Order knee bandage child ?

Not many children's bandages can be found on the worldwide web. ProBrace offers you a solid and reliable children's line. The Orliman children's bandages are often used for children. Consult with your doctor about the route to be followed with your child or consult one of our trained specialists in the field of orthosis for children. The orthotics follow the anatomical position of the ankle, knee or wrist. A perfect support specially designed for the little ones in this world, from 2 years.


Buy a child wristband ? Let yourself be advised by a (child) physiotherapist from ProBrace!

ProBrace wants all its customers to be advised as optimally as possible. Contact us by phone or email or ask for advice via the chat function on www.probrace.nl .


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