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Want to buy a back bandage or back belt? View our wide range of back bandages

Below you will find a selection of back bandages and back straps offered by the specialists of ProBrace. ProBrace has contact with various suppliers at home and abroad. From a wide range of back bandages, ProBrace has selected the best back bandages for you.

Need advice? Feel free to contact a ProBrace specialist . We are happy to provide you with more advice!

Want to buy a back bandage or back belt? View our wide range of back bandages



Bauerfeind LordoLoc Stabilizing Back Orthosis

LordoLoc Stabilizing Back Orthosis

The LordoLoc is a stabilizing orthosis for the lumbar spine. The LordoLoc contains a double crossover 3D strap for optimal stability for the back. Ideal for low back problems.

€102,95 €99,95

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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back bandage

Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back bandage

The Bauerfeind LumboTrain active supportive and proprioceptive back support is ideal for all forms of back pain. The massaging pillow will help relax the back, relieve pain and help you get active again!


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Bauerfeind LumboLoc Forte Back Brace

LumboLoc Forte Back Brace

Stabilizing orthosis to relieve pain around the lumbar spine. By using the extra straps you fix and stabilize the lower back to the maximum.


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Bauerfeind SacroLoc Lower Back Brace

SacroLoc Lower Back Brace

Due to the optimal support and stability of this back brace, the Bauerfeind SacroLoc is seen as the brace for back hernias, SI problems and for supporting the pelvic girdle.

€202,95 €158,95

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Thuasne Lombax Activity Back Brace for Work

Lombax Activity Back Brace for Work

Many people are faced with a sore back while working. Especially those with a physically demanding profession. The Lombax Activity has been designed especially for this group!


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Bauerfeind Sports Back Support Back support

Sports Back Support Back support

The effective protection against overload: The Sports Back Support provides support and compression to the torso. In addition, this back bandage massages and stimulates the back muscles by means of integrated studs. Ideal during exercise!


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Basko Elcross 138 Back right holder

Elcross 138 Back right holder

For high back pain or pain between the shoulder blades, a 'back right holder' provides support and pain relief. This tool is easy to wear under clothing.


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GO Medical Upper back Straight holder

Upper back Straight holder

Do you have bad posture and / or a nagging pain in your back or neck? The GO Medical Upper Back Straight Holder pulls your shoulder belt backwards so that you always remain upright and your pain disappears!

€47,95 €24,95

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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind LumboTrain Lady Back Support

Bauerfeind LumboTrain Lady Back Support

The Bauerfeind LumboTrain Lady Back Support is an active support for the back, especially for activating the back muscles in case of complaints to the (low) back. This back bandage is suitable for all types of back complaints.


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Teyder Teyder Posture Corrector

Teyder Posture Corrector

Do you always collapse when sitting at your desk? Not anymore from now on! This back straight holder ensures that you always sit, stand and walk upright. This back brace corrects your upper back, shoulders and neck.


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Teyder Teyder Rib Brace

Teyder Rib Brace

The Teyder Rib Brace is a two-panel elastic bandage that supports your ribs. This is desirable if you have bruised or broken your ribs. This product can be worn during the day, at night, while working or during sports/exercise.


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Teyder Teyder Belly band / Belly fracture band

Teyder Belly band / Belly fracture band

The Teyder Belly Band / Belly Fracture Band is a four-panel belly bandage that is worn around the torso, to support the abdomen (in case of an abdominal fracture), to protect (the skin) or simply to correct excess connective tissue. Nowhere cheaper!


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Thuasne Thuasne Lombafirst Back Brace

Thuasne Lombafirst Back Brace

When you do not want to walk around all day with a heavy brace around your back, but you still need the relieving benefits of a back bandage! Made of breathable and comfortable Combitex material, so it can be worn directly on the skin!


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Thuasne Thuasne Lombastart Back Support

Thuasne Lombastart Back Support

For those strenuous moments, there is Lombastart Back Brace. The extra elastic straps give that little bit of extra support on the painful area when your back asks for it. Contains flexible ribs and is made of breathable material.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Lumbar Back Brace

Reh4Mat Lumbar Back Brace

The Reh4Mat Lumbar Back Brace is a very sturdy back brace to support the lumbar spine (lower back). The rubber on the back protects and supports the vertebrae. The straps can be tightened for extra compression and support.


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Only top quality back bandages and back belts available

ProBrace stands for its quality braces and back straps. Due to our experience from hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other consultation hours, we have a clear picture of the options we can offer you in the field of back and pelvic support. Our back bandages and back belts are selected with care and are scientifically substantiated or prove very effective in practice.


Back wraps and back straps selected with care!

The back braces and back belts of ProBrace are carefully selected and of a high quality. Properly fitting back support is very important to prevent irritation and unwanted pressure on the abdomen or back. A back bandage is nothing less than a band to support the back or stomach. Our back bandages and back straps are frequently used for various problems such as osteoarthritis, scoliosis, low back pain, kyphoses and hernias. If you buy a back bandage or band at ProBrace, you are assured of the best support for your back. ProBrace supplies back bandages and back belts for every situation and age. On our site you can directly select and order the right size for your brace. If you have a referral for a tailor-made back bandage or back belt from a medical specialist, make an appointment at one of our office locations to have a tailor-made corset fitted or to be advised.


A back bandage or back belt that suits your complaints

When a back belt is prescribed for back problems, this is intended to provide the back with extra support. In this way, aggravation of complaints can be prevented, a back strap can promote healing or enable an improvement in physical functioning. A support band for the back or stomach is a more general term that is used less. For example, after a tummy tuck for 1 to 4 weeks, a supporting abdominal / back belt is prescribed to temporarily support the abdominal wall. Below is an overview of several indications where a brace for the back can be used effectively for both temporary and chronic use.


Indications for use of a back shield:

  • Hernia nuclei pulposi (protrusion of the discus intervertebralis content).
  • Arthritis (inflammation of rheumatism).
  • Kyphosis (front or back curvature) can be temporary at a young age.
  • Scoliosis (lateral or lateral curvature) can be temporary at a young age.

Indications for chronic / permanent use of a back bandage / back shield:

  • Osteoporosis (bone loss).
  • Spondylolisthesis (vertebral shear) can sometimes also be temporary.
  • Spondylosis (defect in the arch of the vertebra).
  • Spondylitis (inflammation of the spine).
  • Discopathy (degeneration process).   

Functions of a back belt / back bandage:

  • Stabilizing the spine.
  • Correcting the spine.
  • Immobilizing the spine.
  • Spinal traction (by pelvic support).
  • Derotation (correcting negative rotation in the spine).


Do my back muscles weaken from wearing a medical back bandage?

It is a myth that wearing a back belt or brace leads to muscle weakness with chronic consequences. Wearing a back belt provides protection but not muscle weakness. It is true that with the chronic use of a back belt the body gets used to the support. However, a back belt often provides so much relief from the back pain that the activity level can increase and so the muscles are more active than before. This means that in some cases a back belt can actually strengthen the muscles. If the activity level does not go up and you use the back belt completely inactive, it can indeed happen that the muscles around the back and abdomen weaken. That is why it is important to use a back belt in a dosed manner and to be advised by a medical specialist.


Order a back belt or back bandage that is not on our site?

If you would like to buy another type of back belt or back support bandage that is not on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us. we are specialists in our field! trained to measure braces, sports braces and back belts. Our online offer is just a small selection of the corsets we can supply.


Putting on a back belt or back bandage

Correctly putting on the back bandage is more important than many people think. For the back bandage to function properly, it must be put on properly. It is best to put on a back bandage by laying it out on your bed or sofa. You lie on the back bandage with your back and bend your legs. This way your pelvis tilts slightly and it is easier to fasten the back bandage because your belly is less forward. When you stand up you will feel the back strap working.


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