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GO Medical medial vault support

Sock for the foot with a support in the longitudinal arch. Suitable for flat feet and when your foot is tilted inwards and you experience complaints or one to correct the position of the foot.


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GO Medical Medial vault support - Solution for flat feet!

When you suffer from flat feet, the longitudinal arch of the foot has slightly sagged. This may also mean that the ankle is turned inwards. Pain complaints can arise directly at the hocks between the foot legs, but also in the knee or hip joint. The tendon plate at the bottom of the foot may be under tension and very sensitive. The silicone material of this vault support is very soft and feels nice. This is in contrast to the somewhat harder arch supports with medial arch support.

A medial arch support is normally incorporated in a sole. The medial vault support of GO Medical is unique because it can be worn without shoes. So wear the product with bare feet or in a sock, to also benefit from the support at home!

Medial vault support indications

  • Flat feet (Pes Planus Valgus)
  • Sagging of the longitudinal vault
  • Foot / ankle sagging inward

Features and benefits of the medial vault support

  • Universal size, always fits!
  • Very soft and skin-friendly silicone material
  • No shoes required for use
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