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On this page you will find various bandages and sports bandages, divided by body part. Click on the desired category to view our selection of only the best sports bandages. Are you unsure about which sports bandage is right for you? Feel free to contact a physiotherapist from ProBrace for information and advice!


Thigh bandage

Different thigh bandages are available via . We have looked with our team at the offer of all different suppliers and all brands on the market and from this only selected the best quality thigh bandages for resale. These bandages are intended for sports and have all been tested in practice. There is a lot of difference in the quality of these bandages for the thigh, but they all have a fair price-quality ratio.

Do you suffer from hamstrings or quadriceps muscles? An upper leg bandage is the solution for cramps, muscle tear or other injuries to the thigh!

Thumb bandage

From thumb bandages for osteoarthritis to a thumb bandage for rheumatism, at ProBrace you will only find the best thumb bandages for your injury or complaint quickly and easily online at! From cheap to good expensive buy, there is something for everyone who wants to. From relatively cheap (but with an excellent price-quality ratio!) GM Medical elastic thumb bandage for only € 24.95 to a completely customizable (custom made) Ryno Lacer thumb bandage / wrist bandage from the Basko or Thuasne brand.

Elbow support

Various elbow bandages are available. With our team of physiotherapists and movement technologists we have looked at all types of epicondylitis straps (for a golfer's elbow or tennis elbow ), elbow bandages and elbow sleeves, etc. From this we have only selected the right elbow bandages and we offer them online for a fair price. So you see; from epicondylitis strap to elbow sleeve during exercise ; at ProBrace you only get the best of the best!

Ankle bandage

Ankle bandages are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, thicknesses, etc. But only the top quality bandages for the ankle can be found quickly and easily at ! The ultra thin filmista ankle brace for under the shin guard by Zamst is your best friend during football , but an Aircast Airheel from DonJoy should not be missing in our range. For years leading in the fight against heel spur complaints (which can also be read in our blog ). In addition to the classic ankle bandages, there are also less obvious ankle bandages on this category page; such as, for example, the dropfoot brace of Ossur : The Foot-Up Drop foot orthosis or the dropfoot brace of Orliman : The Boxia dropfoot bandage . And don't forget their accessories !

Children's bandage

From ankle bandages for kids to children's knee bandages or posture holder / clavicle bandages , every joint is taken care of by Orliman 's children's line bandages . This line of children's bandages is specially designed and developed for children aged 2 - 12 years. This line usually distinguishes between 2 sizes. Size 1 is for ages 2 - 6 and size 2 is for ages 6 to 12. So please keep this in mind. Are you unsure about the size? Then contact one of our customer service physiotherapists .

Knee bandage

The knee bandages in our range are constructed from very light knee bandages to the heavier knee bandages (with ribs). In addition, you will also find the knee braces category on our brace page . These are the heavier braces for the knee . When selecting your knee bandage, pay close attention to the support class that ProBrace uses to inform and advise its customers as well as possible about which knee bandage is actually the best for you. Not sure which (sports) knee bandage is the right one? A trained employee is always there for you. So do not hesitate and contact our customer service or take a look at our injury page . This page explains for each joint which injuries are common around that joint, which can actually be supported with a knee bandage .

Injuries :

Neck collar / Neck collar

We offer several different neck collars and neck collars for both adults and children. With our neck collar for adults we distinguish between 2 different neck collars: the Thuasne Ortel C1 soft neck collar and the PDC neck collar . For children there are the options: the Ortel C1 Junior neck collar from Thuasne or the Children's Neck Collar from Orliman .

Lower leg bandage

The lower leg bandages offered by ProBrace are largely sports bandages for the lower leg. These are sleeves , but also compression stockings that are often used for complaints such as; a lash , muscle tear, or calf strain . You can read more about this on our injury page : calf muscle .

Wrist bandage / Wrist support

We have wrist bandages in all shapes and sizes and very important; wrist bandages with thumb - and without thumb . Also pay attention to this! Not all thumb bandages are also wrist bandages and not all wrist bandages are also thumb bandages. Take a look at the wrist band category page and discover the possibilities in terms of wrist bandages; from wrist support for fitness to a wrist bandage with or without ribs (or wrist bandage with removable ribs), everyone will find what they need here! Is the product you are looking for not listed? Please contact and we will arrange it for you.

The products on this category page are real bandages for the wrist that can be used for mild bruises , arthrosis or rheumatic complaints on the wrist. Are you looking to buy a heavier wrist brace ? Then look here .

Back support

Are you looking for a back holder , back brace or back bandage ? ProBrace is ready for you with the right support! We have back bandages for at work , back bandages for children , back bandages for sports and back bandages for during pregnancy . And that in all shapes and sizes! ProBrace, always the right support!

Shoulder bandage

We provide slings , shoulder bandages , posture holders and much more for the shoulder belt. Do you want to order an orthopedic shoulder bandage quickly and easily online? ProBrace is ready for you with the best shoulder wraps!

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Here you will find from a selection of only the best bandages for sports. From a large market of suppliers, we have selected only the best sports bandages for (online) resale. We buy from many different suppliers, including the following brands: