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Partnerships of ProBrace

Nice Orthopedics

Fun Orthopedics was founded in 2013 and is a relatively new name in the orthopedic world, but with a selected team of professionals from various educational levels and age categories, they have knowledge of the latest innovative trends and production methods, as well as the knowledge and passion of the classic craft. They use this knowledge to provide you, young and old, with the best possible service. Leuk Orthopedie offers all kinds of orthopedic aids. From orthopedic inlays to bandages and from sports braces to prostheses!

The Delft start-up Exo-L is a revolutionary new concept developed by a former student of TU Delft. The concept has already been awarded several prizes and is now making its way to the general public. This concept provides support to the ankle joint at the time of swelling. When no support is needed, the ankle is also not obstructed.

B i och / Van der Lans Physiotherapy and remedial therapy
A large practice with more than 20 specialized physiotherapists working at the locations in The Hague and Rijswijk. The practice wants to be an innovative and leading party that anticipates the patient's need for help. In our practice, we strive for an accessible and informal atmosphere in which quality and professionalism are of paramount importance.

Specializations: manual therapy, sports physiotherapy, edema therapy / lymph drainage, hand rehabilitation, Pelvic floor / incontinence problems, exercise programs in chain care (RA, Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis), Dry needling, Mensendieck, pregnant fit, exercise agogics, movement technology.

The Running shop The Hague
Established   Since 1992 in Haagsche Schoolstraat , the Running shop The Hague has been a household name in the running world. This first De Hardloopwinkel is located in a monumental building that was completely renovated in 2009. In a special space that covers 240 square meters, the store in The Hague has a unique appearance. Because of the spatial design, the store offers an ideal platform for testing running shoes . Of course it is also possible to try the shoes outside and a test round to make the Grote Kerk.