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About us

ProBrace is a young and dynamic company where innovation and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. Our team of physiotherapists, movement technologists and orthopedic instrument makers specializes in advising, measuring and supplying high quality (sports) braces, (sports) bandages, (sports) arch supports and (custom) medical corsets. In addition, we produce medical corsets and (sports) arch supports for various orthopedic companies and podiatry practices. Development and innovation is in our blood, which is why ProBrace uses the latest fitting techniques and our team works behind the scenes on various innovative projects in the field of orthopedic technology.

In addition to the products that we offer via the internet, we also provide people with advice at our consultation hours. All our facilities are scientifically substantiated or prove effective from practice. The ProBrace online platform was created with the aim of making healthcare more affordable and accessible, with quality predominating. When you order a product via our webshop, it is not reimbursed by your health insurer, so your statutory deductible remains intact and you do not have to pay a more expensive * cluster price that health insurers often use. This is especially desirable if you have not (completely) used up your deductible or have taken out a larger voluntary deductible.

Of course you can also contact us for measuring your provision that you want to have reimbursed by your health insurer. The ProBrace team is always available for questions and / or advice without obligation!

About Us ProBrace

- RP Bioch; Movement Technologist and Physiotherapist
- HAJ Mensch; Movement technologist and working as an orthopedic technologist
- MM Veenhuizen; Physiotherapist
- JE Writer; Movement technologist with specialization in custom medical corsets
- J. Vreeken; Physiotherapist
- R. Bassant; Movement technologist io

* Cluster prices: Some insurers use cluster prices. This means that fixed payments are made for certain provisions, regardless of the actual cost price. If you want to know whether your insurance also uses cluster prices, you should check this with your health insurer.

About us